What Our Clients Say

Michael Cortez / Former Deputy Commissary Coordinator, New York City Department of Corrections

We have had numerous instances before where guys were getting stabbed with (stick) pens. the York 117 High Security Pens were first purchased by order of our Chief of Security who was determined to get rid of the pens we had then. Since we replaced them with York 117 High Security Pens, we have had no stabbings with pens. With other pens, you could take out the inserts but the York 117 High Security Pen does not come apart to be turned into a weapon. The quality is good. It’s a good investment.

Ana Blanco / Coordinating Manager, Inpatient Psychiatry, Bellevue Hospital, NYC

The safety pens we get from Jailpens.com are the BEST. Patients LOVE them. Staff loves them since there are no longer any safety issues we have to worry about using these pens. The service we get is always impeccable. Jack always is there when we are in a bind for these pens.

Diane Dalton / Purchasing Agent, Prairie St. Johns, Fargo, North Dakota

NYC Graphics (jailpens.com) has been supplying us with Patient Safety pens for a few years now for our Psychiatric Hospital. They respond immediately once we have a need for more pens. They always ship out our orders promptly and we get our pens within a week. These pens are not only safe for our patients but they are good writing instruments and the patients love them.
I truly appreciate doing business with NYC Graphics and would refer them to anyone in need of this product.

Sharon Zelman / Materials Manager, Westborough Behavioral Healthcare Hospital, Westborough, Mass.

I just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Sharon Zelman and I’m the Materials Manager at Westborough Behavioral Healthcare Hospital in Westborough, MA. We are currently one of your customers and just wanted to say we love your jailpens for our patients and staff use for all the units. Thank you for providing us with such a high quality writing tool.

Janice Foster / Patient Accounts Representative, Clarion Psychiatric Center, Clarion, PA

Jack, always an awesome company to work with…. I have passed along your information to a few of our sister facilities. I would think they will like your pens as much as we do..