About Us

No-Shank, Inc. is a Michigan corporation.. Our primary business is manufacturing and marketing high quality, innovative products developed from company owned patents or from products developed to meet specific end-user requirements. Our primary product is NO-SHANK®.

Securitas provides award winning products to the corrections industry

2006 & 2011 Innovation Award Winner

NO-SHANK® – Protecting the Protectors
No-Shank, Inc’s first product was NO-SHANK®, a fingertip toothbrush. This unique invention, U.S. Patent No. 5,636,405, has no handle. It makes it virtually impossible for someone to create a slashing or stabbing weapon from it. It has been described as “probably the biggest safety innovation for jails and prisons in more than 20 years”. It is currently marketed to a very specialized niche of the North American toothbrush market, i.e., correctional institutions at the Federal, State and Local levels, including Juvenile systems. No-Shank, Inc has placed this product in over 56% of the Department of Corrections facilities in the United States and in U.S. Marine overseas facilities, such as Guantanamo Bay, since its introduction.

No-Shank, Inc, under the NO-SHANK® brand, has developed additional safety products;  super flexible pens, flexible pencils and a one-piece high security mini-razor whose blade is 3/8 the size of a normal razor.

Our NO-SHANK® General Population Toothbrush is an award winning design made of FDA approved polymer. The handle of this 4 inch one-piece toothbrush collapses under pressure, engineered to make your general population safer without them feeling punished.

No-Shank, Inc is privately owned and is located in Gwinn, Michigan.